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Turn The Page Wall of Heroes

The Turn the Page Challenge was a global initiative launched by Who I Am to encourage international businesses, organisations, schools and individuals to either make a monetary donation or donate children's mother tongue literature.  The following list of heroes, participated in the challenge and can also be found on the giant mosaic sign hanging in the library which was built by over 200 primary school children who today feel a sense of ownership and pride in their new literary world they helped create.

Who I Am Founder & Library Concept:  Chadwick V.R. Williams

Who I Am Co-Founder:  Amalia Guadalupe Herrera de Vargas


The Who I Am Children’s World Library was made possible by the good will and collaboration with The Vienna Public Libraries Team

Markus Feigl, Head of Vienna Public Libraries, Chief Librarian

Elke Bazalka, Head of Vienna Public Libraries, Business Affairs

Werner Kantner, Head of Press

Magdalena Zelger, Head of the Centre for Library-Based Learning

Bernhard Pöckl, Regional Manager, North West Vienna

Majda Kovacevic, Branch Manager

Doris Ausserladscheider, Librarian

Julia Grigorian


Honorary Members

Ramón Vargas

Dr. Susanne Brandsteidl

Ishmael Beah

Eser Ari-Akbaba


Participating Embassies to Austria

United States of America

Republic of Iraq

Republic of Armenia

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Republic of the Philippines

Republic of India

Czech Republic

Lebanese Republic

Islamic Republic of Iran

Republic of Kosovo

United Mexican States

State of Qatar

Federative Republic of Brazil

State of Israel

Republic of Albania

Republic of Peru

Republic of Kenya

Portuguese Republic

Slovak Republic

Hellenic Republic (Greece)

People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Republic of Lithuania

Republic of Turkey

Republic of Italy

Eastern Republic of Uruguay





Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka


Participating Organisations and Businesses

European Council of International Schools (ECIS)

Vienna District 15 Administration (Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Der Bezirksvorsteher)

Vienna Board of Education

Vienna Public Schools Language Program

Room to Read

Austrian Commission for UNESCO

OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID)


ERSTE Foundation

ra’mien Restaurant


Romanian Cultural Institute

Mladinska Knjiga Slovenija

ECIS Early Childhood Education Committee

Balassi Institute – Collegium Hungaricum Vienna

Camões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua

Slovak Institute -Vienna

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority

China Books - Vienna

INTU Publishers

Leopold Museum

Rêveur 3D

Svatba stylově

Public Library Ivan Goran Kovačić in Karlovac, Croatia

Romani – Project

Pluralingualism Research Unit, University of Graz

Balassi Institut, Publishing Hungary Program

Mladá Fronta


Participating International & Public Schools

Vienna International School

Amadeus International School

Bilingual Prevocational School of Vienna (PTS 7-Burggasse)

European Primary School of Vienna(EVS-Goldschlagstrasse)

International School of London

International School of London in Surrey

International School of London in Doha

Leysin American School

The Foundation for the Advancement of International Education

ENKA Schools in Istanbul

Kuwait Bilingual School

Webster University Student Government Association

Bilingual School of Monza

International School of the Stockholm Region

Ghanim Bilingual School in Kuwait

International School of Amsterdam

International School of Zurich

International School of Zug and Luzern

United World College, Maastricht


Participating Individuals

Dr. Mohammad Farid Bazger

Ziad & Rima Abu Ragheb & Family

Sandra Tretter

Poonam Patnaik & Family

The Jambor-Monchev Family

Farzaneh Nassernejad & Elham Esmi

Aki Nuredini

Abdilaqim Ademi

Anton Fink & Family

Sabrina Hong-Wisak

Bracha Barzilay

Faruk Ajeti

Angela Liewehr

Tatiana Mazza da Silva-Surer

Mustafa Alazawy

Mohammed Khattab

Simone Viljoen

Maureen Maher Wizel

Valdez Evan Moi-Thuk-Shung

Rima Akkad Salam

Goranka Nedeva

Martin Rollé

Dr. Christoph Leitl

Gamze Ertuğ

Eugenia Papadaki

Dory Maani-Hessari

Cindy Derby

Vivien Lin

Samuel Rohrböck

Hubert Zabawa

Mazin Mahmoud

Arber Ahmeti

Aysel Ahmadova

Siavash Monavari

Monica Bagli


Participating Authors

Christine Nöstlinger

Thomas Brezina

Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa

Martin Haidinger

Professor Günter Faltin

KPH-Prof. Johannes Lindner

Tânia Maria Rodrigues-Peters

Yusuf Budak

Rana Al-Mufti

Andrea Maria Wagner

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