WHO I AM is a non-profit organization consisting solely of volunteers, so that donations can better reach communities in need. WHO I AM would not be possible without the time, energy, commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers.  We are very proud to have these fine individuals on our team, for they bring with them a plethora of linguistic and cultural perspectives, creativity, and a passion to make a difference in our communities.

Chadwick V.R. Williams
Founder, Director


Originally from a farming community in Eastern Colorado, Chadwick founded WHO I AM in 2009 after realizing that his students were not being prepared enough for the future: they lacked a sense of identity and were ashamed to speak their mother tongue. He designed an extracurricular program which created an environment to make it “cool” for students to be linguistically and culturally different at school. At the end of the program, students were proudly able to say this is “WHO I AM.” Chadwick has been an invited speaker presenting the WHO I AM program and its action based research on the theme of International Mindedness at International Educator conferences in Vienna, Amsterdam, Nice, and Doha, Qatar. He is also chair of the ESL and Mother Tongue Committee for the European Council of International Schools which orchestrates one of the world's most renowned educational conferences in the field of multi-literacy education. He also continues to be an adjunct lecturer for Endicott College for his fourth consecutive year for ESL, bilingual education, and mother tongue. He is trilingual in English, German and Spanish.

Students need to have ample opportunities to express themselves and to feel honored for who they are.


An Iraqi by origin yet global by heart, Mohammed completed his Master of Science in Biomimetic Engineering in Austria. Mohammed has volunteered for various non-profit organizations specializing in Educational Development.  He was an assistant to the United Nations Education Office in Syria to promote and advocate education for children.  He also currently volunteers in an animal shelter working with abused animals to re-integrate with humans. He is bilingual in Arabic and English.


Originally from Georgia, USA Maureen has been an international educator and advocate of revolutionizing education for over 15 years. She has taught secondary in both struggling inner city public schools in the USA as well as international education specializing in English, Spanish and ESL. Maureen also has extensive experience working in adult education, nonprofit, and immigrant advocacy. 

Her passion lies in curriculum development, technology integration and finding solutions to make learning more accessible for a globalized classroom. Maureen is trilingual in English, Spanish, and German and has been with WHO I AM since 2011.


South African born and raised in Afrikaans and English. Simone moved to Austria at age nine to spend her teenage years in the international community of Vienna, and to become enriched by languages and multiple perspectives.

A believer in grass roots humanitarian efforts, Simone took on a leadership role in the first WHO I AM cohort in high school and has continued her involvement through her college years.   She currently studies Urban and Regional Planning at the Technical University of Vienna in German and is trilingual in Afrikaans, English, and German."


Native to Baghdad, Iraq, Mustafa is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Systems Design in Austria. Volunteering for NGOs has been a passion of his since high school and a part of his daily life.  Mustafa most recently volunteered in Syria as a psychological facilitator and mentor for children survivors of war.

He has also worked with kids doing meaningful creative activities such as art, reading and writing stories. He is bilingual in Arabic and English.


Vassilis was born in Athens, Greece. He studied 3D Animation at Middlesex University of London and acquired a Bachelor of Arts. Later on he expanded his knowledge in the field of digital imaging and cinematography by acquiring a Diploma in Multimedia Design. He has been working in the field of animation and multimedia for ten years.

During this time he had the opportunity to work for advertising, video games, as well as one of the biggest Greek TV Stations (Skai TV). Since 2010, Vassilis resides in Vienna as a free-lance 3D animator and cinematographer for domestic and international clients.  Vassilis is trilingual in Greek, English, and German.


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